Put your best foot forward: tips for preparing your Ford School application

Now is the perfect time to start preparing your Ford School application! Remember, fee waivers are available for military service members and alumni of our partnership programs. Read about each step by visiting our application checklist page.

Here are five key tips:

  1.   Answer “Why” with two complementary essays. The personal statement and the academic statement of purpose are different ways to show the admissions committee the reasons behind your educational and career choices and why the Ford School is the next logical step in your career.
  2.   A new, additional question in the application asks about your quantitative and analytical preparation. Respond with information about courses you may have taken in college and/or work experiences where you have utilized quantitative skills. This information will be helpful particularly if you are not submitting GRE scores (GRE scores are not required this year).
  3.   Use the space in your resume to provide details and context about the organizations with which you worked.
  4.   Three letters of recommendation are required and should reflect your academic and job capabilities and experience. Prepare your recommenders by giving them plenty of time and a copy of your resume and academic statement of purpose.
  5.   Transcripts: You can upload an official or unofficial transcript with your online application. Please do not upload a copy of your grade report.

Still have questions? Other important information can be found here:

12/10/20 @ 8pm: Join us for upcoming webinars about the Ford School! Register for the “Hands-on, practical experiences” webinar, featuring faculty and admissions staff.

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Did you know you can save your application as you go? Now is a great time to update your resume and upload it as part of your application.

NOTE: This announcement was released on December 8, 2020.