Meet a Fordie: Alex Baum (MPP ’22)

In this installment of “Meet a Fordie,” we’re spotlighting one of our 2022 cohort members: Alex Baum!

Where are you from? Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’m grateful for this chance to return to my hometown for the MPP program!

What were you doing before you came to Ford? I spent the past five years living in New York City, collaborating one-on-one with university professors to design online versions of their graduate courses. I had been steeped in the world of digital education long before the pandemic, so it’s been fascinating to experience it now as a student.

Why did you choose Ford? I knew that Ford provided the best of everything I was looking for: world-class training in policy analysis, a brilliant faculty and student body, and a welcoming community I’ve known and loved my entire life. Despite the pandemic, this first year at Ford has exceeded my high expectations! I’m beyond excited for our cohort to spend next year together in person.

What do you want to do with your Ford degree? I plan to continue reducing barriers to education for underserved communities. In the short term, I’d love to gain some public sector experience (hopefully at the Department of Education). In the long term I’d love to tackle these challenges while working at a foundation.

That’s all for this edition of “Meet a Fordie!” Stay tuned for more updates on life at the Ford School!